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A Little About Us...

Lancashire Hair Solutions uses the latest science innovations for hair restoration and hair replacement procedures. We sell a comprehensive array of replacement accessories and hair regrowth products, including DHT inhibitors and an extensive line of topical lotions for alopecia treatment and cancer patients.

The clinic is staffed by academically qualified people with years of experience in human hair restoration, laser, and replacement techniques. Lancashire Hair Solutions clinic provides consultations in a friendly and professional environment. Staff will quickly put your mind at ease and show you how Hair Loss and alopecia treatment can restore your hair; revitalise your look and boost your confidence.

All our hair stylists are expertly trained in blending the hair colour and its density ensuring there is a seamless flow between the hair unit and your own natural hair. 

Whatever your race, skin colour, or gender, our obligation is to transform your appearance, boost your confidence, add a touch of style and class and hopefully put that spring back into your step when you leave.

The Process

Our team have expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of hair replacement and refusion.


Free Consultation

Lancashire Hair Solutions offer a free no obligation consultation where we discuss your requirements. All consultations are done in a private room by our friendly and expert staff to ensure confidentiality and put you at ease.


Preparation & Application

Our experts will take a sample of your hair and create your new hair that will match the colour, thickness, and texture of your hair. The new hair is put on a skin membrane which is then bonded to your scalp with no pain involved.



At Lancashire Hair Solutions, we believe it is essential to style your new hair restoration with your existing hair so that it looks as natural as possible keeping up to date with the current fashions and looks. We show you techniques on how you can maintain styling your hair yourself.



By coming back frequently to have your hair restoration washed, cleaned, and maintained along with a hair cut of your natural hair, it will ensure that it will remain high quality and continue to look and make you feel fantastic.

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