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Studies in the UK have shown that 35% of the population may suffer from Female or Male pattern boldness, a receding hairline, or temporary hair loss during their life time. These conditions account for the majority of males and females seeking hair restoration treatment.

The NHS strongly recommend considering non-surgical hair restoration procedures for hair loss, baldness, alopecia treatment and post chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In days gone by, people may have resorted to wearing hot uncomfortable wigs and toupees which could restrict their lifestyles, and which were often difficult to integrate into existing hair. Current hair loss treatments are much better due to advancements in hair replacement technology.

Lancashire Hair Solutions clinic in Manchester specialises in hair restoration solutions and treatments for all types of hair loss. Our hair restoration treatment will revitalise your look and boost your confidence. Our state-of-the-art cosmetic hair replacement procedures allow you the freedom to conduct an active life, such as swimming, doing sports, or going to the gym. Book a consultation to discuss the products and services from the optimal range of programmes on offer.

Our non-surgical hair replacement will cause no pain. The hair replacement system is fitted and styled to look natural and unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

We provide confidential consultations in a friendly and professional environment. Staff will quickly put your mind at ease and show you how we can restore your hair without surgery. Our team are all certified in hair replacement treatments and are experts in male and female pattern baldness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Surgical hair replacement systems is not a single procedure that will last forever.  Our high-quality hair replacement systems last between 6 to 12 months depending on the kind of hair system, as well as how regularly and professionally it has been serviced.

Yes. After 48 hours, all water sports, swimming and regular exercise are all perfectly fine to participate in. You do the activity and then wash and style your hair as you normally would do.

There are many differences between hair replacement systems and conventional wigs. Hair replacement uses high quality human hair and allow for full customisation and styling of the hair. You will be able to swim, do sports, and go to the gym, living life normally. Hair replacement looks completely natural and once fitted is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

A special mould is taken by the clinician to form an exact replica of your scalp. On this mould, details of your hair loss pattern, and required style is recorded. Depending on age and required look, the density and colour mapping is carried out to carefully match your own natural hair. The completed head cast is sealed and sent away to our production facility.

No, the more you have the less noticeable the change will be. We can always add further hair if you continue to go bald, this way you will always maintain a balanced appearance, keeping you looking at your best at all times.

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