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Here at Lancashire Hair Solutions, our dedicated team are on hand to offer caring and confidential advice whilst providing a number of specialist services to hair loss sufferers, especially non-surgical hair replacement, throughout North West England. We are proud to offer free no-obligation consultations for our non-surgical hair replacement services, and all consultations and treatments are carried out in a friendly atmosphere ensuring all our clients are happy.

We have researched and developed one of the best non-surgical customised hair loss replacement techniques available for men and women at an affordable price without having to go under the knife. All our hair solutions look and feel natural, are age-appropriate and our experience is second to none, helping people experiencing hair loss right across the board, from when they first start to notice they are thinning, through to those experiencing total hair loss. 

Three Steps To Success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our team have expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of hair replacement and refusion.


Free Consultation

Lancashire Hair Solutions offer a free no obligation consultation where we discuss your requirements.



We believe it is essential to style your new hair restoration with your existing hair so that it looks as natural as possible keeping up to date with the current fashions and looks.



By coming back frequently to have your hair restoration washed, cleaned, and maintained along with a hair cut of your natural hair, it will ensure that it will remain high quality and continue to look and make you feel fantastic.

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Both men and women can suffer from thinning hair and hair loss in various forms over time. This is a common condition, but it can be difficult for those who suffer from it.

Alopecia Support

Alopecia can affect the scalp and any other hair-bearing parts of the skin and body and can be extremely distressing.

Lancashire Hair Studio’s hair re-fusion process involves placing a high-quality hair piece securely on the client’s head.

Cancer Patient Support

Some cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, can create partial or total hair loss whether temporarily or permanently.

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Why not restore your hair and your confidence with Lancashire Hair Solutions, the premier hair clinic in Manchester and learn to love yourself all over again!