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Male Baldness

Male Baldness

Male pattern baldness affects men from all walks of life, we specialise in baldness cures, to improve your looks, boost your self-esteem, and allow you the freedom to live an active life.

Hair falling out can be very distressing to men and in a society where so much emphasis is placed on one’s appearance, it can affect your confidence.

The good news is that here at Lancashire Hair Solutions, we use the latest hair growth technology and can turn back the baldness to restore your hair back to its former glory so if you are concerned about male pattern baldness, or just hair thinning, then help is on hand with a range of regrowth therapies.

Don’t let male hair loss get you down, modern bespoke systems are skillfully customised to an individual’s style requests, being constructed, and designed to appear that the hair is growing out of your scalp.

Your own hair colour and density is expertly matched to ensure the final results include a seamless integration.

Hair Loss in Women

In a society where there is so much emphasis placed on looks, hair loss for women can dent confidence and be embarrassing. If you are a woman concerned about thinning hair or your hair loss, then help is on hand.

Lancashire Hair Solutions uses the latest state of the art non-surgical hair restoration procedures to return your hair back to its former glory.

The female hair replacement systems and hairpieces used are made of real human hair and we use your own hair colour and density to expertly match to ensure the final results include a seamless integration.

The hair solutions can be made in a variety of styles and lengths. And can be crafted, dyed, and highlighted, to evolve with your trend requirements.

Hair Loss Woman
Celebrity Hair Styling

Celebrity Hair

Hair replacement systems have been an invaluable asset to Hollywood film stars as balding is still taboo and any film star going bald often gets to play the villain but rarely the good guy.

It always seems like the leading man needs to look good to get the girl. Many action hero in the movies are wearing one even during the action scenes and the fact that they are not noticed demonstrates how fitting techniques have also moved on.

Materials used now allow for sweating and sports activity, and for the scalp to breathe. New science and technologies have meant that famous sporting personalities have started to use these new systems to cover a receding hairline or hair loss.

Sportspeople in the field of cricket, football, and golf to name a few have chosen to make their own thinning locks luscious again, with it becoming a popular alternative to a celebrity hair transplant.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is the non-surgical method of replacing hair. It is developed by leading hair replacement researchers and is a ground-breaking hair replacement treatment for men and women.

Lancashire Hair Solutions have various methodologies of restoring your hair when it is thinning and ensure we cater to your specific requirements and needs making sure the end results not only look natural but restore your confidence.

Hair Restoration
Alopecia Hairloss

Alopecia Treatment

The loss of one’s hair can have a devastating effect on the way we view ourselves, and in many instances, the way others view us. Alopecia is a condition where large patches of head hair and in some instances total body hair can be lost all at once. This can cause a large amount of psychological stress and result in low self-esteem and affect the quality of life for the individual concerned. The unpredictable nature of this condition and experiencing potentially unpleasant therapies, makes living with this Alopecia very unpleasant. Treatments vary due to the severity of the condition and the age of the person.

Transgender Hair Replacement

As an FTM or MTF trans-patient, you may consider a non-surgical hair replacement system to help achieve your goals as part of your transition. A lot of the treatment is focused on reshaping & adjusting your hairline. At Lancashire Hair Solutions, our leading stylists are more than happy to guide you through your hair restoration surgery journey.

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